9:36 - September 16, 2012
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Over a hundred Iranian cineastes in a joint statement have condemned the anti-Islam movie made in the US that insults Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The filmmakers and artists slammed the US blasphemous movie and asked the entire artists and cineastes around the world particularly American moviemakers to condemn this hateful movie.
Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi, who is currently making a big-production on Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) life, has also slammed this US cinematic scandal and issued a statement.
“Now, everybody knows that you fear that the kind message of the religious school of the Messenger of Kindness has begun capturing the East and the West. Thus, at times you want to show a violent and savage image of the religion to the people of the world and, sometimes, by means of art, you want to replace the truth with lies and deception,” Majidi told the producers of the film in the statement titled “A Message to the Lords of the Rings.”
Made by Israeli-American Sam Bacile, the insulting movie titled the Innocence of Muslims presented itself as an amateurish movie that was produced with the aim of spreading Islamophobia.
Bacile has acknowledged that he has produced and directed the blasphemous movie thanks to Jewish donations totaling USD 5 million.
Fury over a US-made anti-Islam film has spread across the Muslim world, with protesters marching on US embassies and torching US flags.
The US ambassador to Libya along with three other staff members were killed in Benghazi after a group of angry demonstrators reportedly attacked the consulate building over the insulting film.
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